Ahh, we all want to find the love of our lives, don’t we? Well, perhaps not. It seems some of us are looking for just a ‘bit of fun’ rather than the whole committed relationship thing (let’s face it, it’s easier) and this new dating app certainly helps us do just that…

Relationships. Who needs them? Holding hands, having someone to cuddle up to, that’s lovely, but what about all the aggro that goes with them? Many loved-up peeps forget to tell you that bit, don’t they? No one tends to post the argument they just had with their significant other. Oh no, it’s all sunshine and flowers on social media. Well, if you prefer something a bit more casual, you’re not alone and with how society works nowadays, it’s become easier than ever.

Most dating now happens in the online world. Facebook, Twitter, dating websites, it’s pretty easy to find yourself a hottie and hookup. In fact, there’s even dating apps, including Tinder that help you refine the kind of partner you’re looking for.

Recently, the popular saying, ‘Netflix and chill’ has been trending a lot of social networks and if you  haven’t heard about it, quite frankly – where have you been? To put it bluntly, the term refers to two people apparently chilling watching Netflix, but actually having sex instead.

So, making the most of this new phenomenon is a new app that’s been released called, TikiTalk. Basically, you can invite people within a certain mile radius to come and Netflix and Chill with you and then it’s up to you and them as to where things go from there…

We think this is a great, funny spin on a popular trend, but if you do genuinely just want to watch Netflix and chill, we salute you. We’re pretty sure Netflix are enjoying the exposure too! Happy dating 🙂

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