We gather here today to celebrate the birthday of a beloved friend – the almighty Nokia 3310. So join us here as we reminisce about exactly why it was we all loved this phone so much…

Ok, so, we missed this beautiful phones birthday by a day, but we couldn’t let it go without celebrating. On 1st September 2000, the Nokia 3310 was unleashed.

If you’re suddenly feeling old by the fact the Nokia 3310 has just had its 15th birthday, you’re not alone! Many of you will remember this phone for it being your first ever mobile – bless!

So what was it about the Nokia 3310 that drew us all in? Well, for starters, the battery life. Nowadays, our smartphones barely last a day without having to be charged. As for the Nokia 3310, you could practically go a whole week and this baby would still be alive and waiting for you.

Next up – snake. Oh my, how addictive was that game? Remarkably simple, but we all fell for it and desperately tried to work our way up the levels.

Thirdly, covers. We all loved heading down to our local market and picking up the trendiest cover to show off to all our friends the next day at school.

Lastly, did we ever have to worry about dropping it? No we didn’t, because the chances are… it wouldn’t break. Unlike phones today where the screen seems to crack at the slightest mishandling.

So, Nokia 3310, you maybe retro, but we all love you. Thanks for making our childhoods that little bit sweeter.

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