Let’s take a trip down memory lane and bring a little nostalgia to your bones on this gloomy Wednesday because everyone’s favourite childhood TV channel turns 30 years old today, and with that, we HAVE to do something to celebrate.

Who can forget the days of waking up at the crack of dawn, ripping open a fresh box of cereal in hopes of finding a hidden toy and then finally, sitting down to slurp some brekky in front of the box for some pre-school toons? 3 o’clock couldn’t come any sooner and then you’d sprint out of the gates to the tune of the school bell and arrive home to indulge in some more television happiness. Over with the learning week, then BAM! You’re hit with another dose of awesome telly and you’re plan-free weekend would be under way.

Ahh… when life used to be so easy and effortless. Not a worry in the world, not a bill to pay and no love life to think about, a childhood is a beautiful thing that oh, so many of take for granted but before you know it, adulthood begins. So, here at the SPG, we thought as it’s the birthday of our favourite nostalgic TV channel, we better run down our favourite features on the box and here they are…


The Basil Brush Show

Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow


Come Outside

And if they don’t bring a smile to your face for today, we don’t know what will. Obviously there are a few more gems that aren’t on our list, but we thought we’d shout out to the ones that we watched the most as kids. From binge watching fun shows as a youngster, to now feasting on a marathon on Netflix programmes, so much has changed but so little at the same time. CBBC, we love you for making our childhood amazing! Thanks again and happy birthday!

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