This coming October, the hit soap series, Hollyoaks marks its 20th anniversary on our television screens, and the guys behind it are working up some real thrilling story lines to set the occasion. In the past years, Hollyoaks has built a huge reputation and has fast become one of the UK’s favourite teatime shows, and the Channel 4 spectacle isn’t looking to stop anytime soon.

On Youtube, a short teaser has been released to showcase what we can expect in the months to come and they aren’t holding back on the drama one bit. From whodunit style murder mysteries, Hollypride (Hollyoaks take on a gay pride celebration) and Sienna on the edge of being buried alive, the village is taking another twisted turn for the worst.

In previous years, who can forget the famed late editions in the form of Hollyoaks Later? This being where the producers switched on a more mature style, introducing explicit themes and deeper emotions to paint the stories even more. And that’s not forgetting the great characters; the sinister Irishman Brendan Brady brought his killer, yet deranged touch, whilst young Tom Cunningham has been a part of the production for over fifteen years.

So what shockers are we going to see? Who’ll be the next victim in line for the crazed serial killer? Will Maxine fall for Patrick’s games? Or will there actually be a happy ending for once? Nobody knows, but one thing is for sure, you don’t want to be missing out on Hollyoaks this autumn.

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