If you’ve just started Uni, we hope you’re having a great time and if you’ve just gone back, we hope you’re enjoying seeing everyone again after a nice summer off! Whether you’re a Uni newbie, or an old-hand at the whole University thing, there’s no doubt there are certain situations that inevitably always tend to happen in student accommodation…

We can almost guarantee that you’re having the time of your life in student accommodation. No parents and living with your mates – bliss! And we can almost ensure that these somewhat annoying (but funny) events will occur during your time there. Are you ready? Here we go…

1. Food goes missing
We’re sure your flat mates are lovely, but be careful where you place your food – especially in the fridge! With so many different peoples items in there, there’s bound to be some confusion at some point, or perhaps your fellow living buddy just fancies helping themselves to your chocolate when their essay gets a bit stressful.

Tip – labels may help.

2. Cooking ends up disastrous
Whether it’s you or one of your flat mates, learning to cook at Uni is for most, a work in progress. You’ll                    probably have to endure the smell of burnt chips, or enjoy the fire alarm going off at 4am in the morning.

Tip – Buy a recipe book and help each other out.

3. Washing up piles up
Ew, washing up… who wants to do that? Pretty much nobody, so if you’re lucky enough to be living with a               clean freak, congratulations! But if you’re not, chances are, the washing up pile will get so high that you won’t         be able to see the sink, or have enough surface area to prep your food.

Tip – do a rota.

4. You get pranked
A bunch of young people all under one roof can provide hours of laughter and pranks! Whether it’s tin foiling the whole contents of you room, or hiding all of your kitchen utensils, it’s all part of the Uni accommodation experience! You may be at the end of one, but you can always get your own back another time, it’s all part of the fun!

Tip – keep it friendly.

5. Someone loses their room key
Whether it’s you, or one of your flat mates, inevitably, someone will lose their room key. They’ll complain, go around asking if anyone’s seen it, post about it on social media and may end up staying in your room for the night if they still can’t get into you room. A nice cosy sleep over for two.

Tip – Always keep your key in a certain place.

6. You’ll irritate one another
You’ll form great friendships in student accommodation. You’ll have a bundle of laughs with some of your best friends. You’ll tease each other and gossip about who your flat mate bought home last night and moan to one another about how stressed you are about your essays. Of course, as you spend so much time with these people, you’ll probably end up rubbing each other up the wrong way, but minor disagreements are usually short lived and chances are, it’ll all be blown over by tomorrow.

Tip – Laugh about your differences. 

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