For some of you students over the country, your new year at uni would’ve officially begun yesterday, and with that, the famous annual event known as ‘Freshers’ Week’ will have kicked in. From first year to third years, the party week always starts with a bang and it’s no doubt that the majority of you will be nursing a sore head today, so we’ve devised a hangover killer list that is perfect for you on this fine Monday morning, leaving you ready for more tonight.

Gear yourself up for some extra Freshers’ action because these remedies below will make you right as rain and ready for twelve rounds (and we mean drinking terms, not boxing) with the strongest of boozes. Say goodbye to wine brain and cider head, and welcome in a new wave of energy because without further or do, here are your keys to opening party recovery doors…

Rubbing a lemon slice in your armpit before going out on the lash.
Famous from Puerto Rico, this pre-drinks remedy will leave you feeling fresh for Freshers’, and what’s more, the cheap and easy cure boosts your zest and adds a subtle hint to your scent.

Guzzling a pint or two with a greasy, fully loaded fry up.
The most famous British remedy, the fried breakfast, combined alongside the hair of the dog. We call it, the dog haired full English. Pumped with calories, fuelled by fat and topped with a crisp drink, you’ll be running on maximum for weeks.

Brush your teeth, gargle some mouth wash, then down some OJ.
Now, I know what you’re thinking, why would anyone want to do that? But trust me; the after taste will make you forget about your sore head straight away, as the relentless flavour will burn your taste buds for hours.

Post booze grub, shower, sleep, repeat.
You may be fighting a losing battle seeing as its Freshers’ week and inevitably, you’re going to have a hangover nearly every day. Regardless of the remedies you try, how many fry ups you eat and the lengths you go to avoid it, partying is always going to catch up on you, so embrace it. On the way home from the club, pick up that prestigious and delicious pizza, order an extra kebab for breakfast! You’re only a student once, so have a laugh! Wake up, eat the pre-bought brekky, hit the shower, sleep and then do it all again. It’s kebab (or pizza), sleep, rave, repeat!

Here’s PSY singing about hangovers to try and cheer you up from your post-party blues…

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