No matter who you are or what you’re into, we all have an idol and someone who we find inspirational, but how far would you go to be just like them? You can run to the ends of the earth to meet them and you can gaze at their social media snaps all day, so what would you do if you actually looked the spitting image of them? Well, one woman in American went to the extreme, and within a matter of time, she transformed into Kim Kardashian the second.

Thalia Almodovar, a transgender make-up artist from New York, spent over £70,000 to mirror her idol, Kim Kardashian and she is often mistaken for the star. From £50,000 on surgery, to over £10,000 on clothes, this Kim K is struggling to find her own Kanye, despite the untold amount of Selfie requests she receives.

Here is a video of her getting driven around in NYC…

Tell the difference? We thought not.

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