So, Throwback Thursday became an popular weekly trend on Twitter and now there’s a new one to help us reflect on old times and our childhoods. We introduce to you, ‘Flashback Friday!’ This week, we thought we’d focus on looking back at celebrities when they were younger. Just a warning though, you may see some outfits that deserve to be alerted to the fashion police…

1. We had to start with one of the most well-know couples in showbiz, Posh and Becks. David, we love your earrings!

2. Next up, as it’s her birthday and proving that she’s always had it, it’s Queen B, Beyonce! Here she is singing at just 8-years-old

3. They’re now one of the worlds most successful boy bands. Here are One Direction at their first auditions! They’ve certainly got more tattoos now than they did back then…

4. Speaking of The X Factor, he’s one of their judges, Cheryl Fernandex-Versini doing a bit of child modelling. Doesn’t she look adorable?

5. We couldn’t not include this trio could we? This is the Harry Potter casts first screen test together!

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