There’s no doubt about it, we have some great comedians out there. Jimmy Carr, Michael Mcintyre, Russell Howard, to name a few! However, we should not undermine how funny us regular foke can be. You lot have had us giggling at your, ‘I Am Happiest When I’ tweets! So, here a our favourites. We sense a touch of sarcasm in some of these, regardless… we can certainly relate!

1. Get something and royal mail doesn’t screw up the delivery
2. Pee after holding it in for hours
3. Watch my bank account grow
4. Am by myself. I hate people
5. Don’t see stupid trends I feel compelled to participate in
6. Have my mother-in-law over and she’s standing right over my shoulder
7. I’m bailing out corrupt and fraudulent Bankers, with my hard earned wedge
8. Am eating

Oh and if you what to be in a happier mood, there’s nothing like a bit of Pharrell Williams… (his songs pretty appropriate too).

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