Most of us remember our childhood with a lot of fond memories. Life was easier back then wasn’t it? No bills to pay and life was far more carefree. Obviously we’re just a bit naive when we’re younger and it’s true when they say that there are some things we just don’t realise until we’ve got a few more years behind us. This is when one of today’s Twitter trends comes in…

So what have you guys realised now that you’re a bit older? Here are some of our favourite #I’mOldEnoughToKnow tweets!

1. Getting older is scary, can I stop
2. That my parents were right, money doesn’t grow on tree’s
3. That Santa definitely spends 9 months of the year in the Maldives
4. That words you speak today could be the words you eat tomorrow. You better make them sweet!
5. That watching reality tv is a waste of a life, yet, I watch it anyway
6. That hangovers aren’t funny anymore
7. You CAN eat a meal without photographing it first
8. That I should’ve taken advantage of all those wasted nap times when I was little
9. That the way people treat you is very much dependent on how you LOOK not who you really are
10. How much a Freddo bar went up

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