Ew. Homework. Even reading that word is enough to give most of us the chills. It screams one word and one word only – boredom, and it seems it’s not just the kids that hate it, as one mums hilarious post about her daughters homework goes viral…

Remember the days when your parents forced you to sit down and start doing homework. They were practically committing a crime. How dare they tare you away from all the other cool stuff you wanted to be doing? After all, you had just put in a solid 9-3pm shift at school, to expect anything more, well, quite frankly, it’s taking the biscuit. (It’s rather ironic how we used to think 9-3pm was tough, most of us would do anything to revert back to those, half day’s now).

Anyway, I doubt it ever occurred to any of us how much our parents probably didn’t want to sit there and do homework with us either. Perhaps they had to seem enthusiastic so that we’d be more inclined to sit there and do it without making a massive fuss.

Well one mothers frank, honest and rather humorous post about her 9-year-old daughters homework has gone viral. Her words were posted on The Unmumsy Mum’s Facebook page and had numerous readers laughing (including us).

Here’s the post in all it’s glory (we censored some of the language, but we’re pretty sure you can work out what this funny mum is trying to say).

God… sorry need to rant… does anybody else HATE doing homework with their kids? My nine-year-old brought home ‘comprehension’ (reading and answering questions for normal people) homework… There was a passage she had read about a girl called Ruth. It went something like this… ‘Ruth is fabulous, Ruth has hair like the sun, Ruth has a great job in an office, every day Ruth gets up and goes for a jog.’ Now the fact that Ruth sounds like a total **** who makes me feel bad about myself is not the point of my rant. After reading about Ruth TWICE aloud to my daughter, we decided it was time to tackle the questions. Question 1. Where does Ruth work? I look up from the homework to see my daughter staring at my blankly, so I repeat the question, ‘Where does Ruth work?’ I **** you not this was her response… ‘Who is Ruth?’ AAAARRRRGGGHHH RUTH ****** RUTH WITH HER HAIR AND HER JOB, YOU KNOW RUTH WE JUST SPENT TEN MINUTES READING ABOUT, RUTH WHO GOES JOGGING EVERY MORNING REMEMBER THAT TWAT?!?! ****** RUTH!!!

Obviously that’s not what I actually said… I went in to the kitchen, had a moment to myself (4 gulps of wine) and returned to continue ‘comprehension’ **** YOU RUTH!

Thank goodness for wine, hey? 😉

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