Think your dads awesome? He may well be, but this dad certainly gives yours a run for his money. Does your dad dance to Katy Perry whilst holding pom poms? We didn’t think so…

A lady in the US set up a secret camera in order to capture some lovely footage of her two young daughters in order to send it to their grandmother. So as you can image, she had got rather a big shock when she took a look at the video and found some hilarious footage of her husband dancing around to Katy Perry.

Check out the video below – this dad certainly has the moves? Embarrassing dad-dancing? We think not! We’d be proud to have a dad that danced like that.
So some poor parents innocent dancing has now turned into a viral video. We’re sure he’ll get some stick of his mates, but we loved it nonetheless.

Britain’s Got Talent? We think it’s definitely on the cards 😉

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