Recently a customer parked so badly in an Asda car park that fellow shoppers decided to leave the driver some rather angry notes. However, they’re certainly not the only one to struggle with this everyday manover…

Yesterday a rather unsuspecting Asda customer would’ve returned to their car to find several annoyed notes left on their windscreen from angry shoppers. The owner of the green daewoo parked in the middle of a parking line and was across two spaces rather than one, which caused members of the public to be somewhat irritated (to say the least).

Angry members of the public decided to let the driver know exactly what they thought of their parking by leaving some somewhat sarcastic/angry notes on the cars windscreen.

Comments included…

”Where did you learn to drive? Please send me their number so I can use them.”

”Knew they did disabled parking spaces, but now parking spaces for the blind.”

”Park in the lines.”

There was one supportive note for the driver though…

”Ignore these losers – I love your parking!”

We have to confess that whilst their parking was pretty atrocious, it seems a number of us aren’t necessarily the most competent when it comes to parking. With this is mind, ladies and gentlemen, we bring to you a few of the worst parking blunders we’ve ever seen…

  1. Warning: this is painful to watch

2. Warning: this is also painful to watch

3. Warning: you’ve guessed it, THIS IS PAINFUL TO WATCH

Do you feel better about your parking now? We do too.

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