It’s not every day you get a reply from fan mail to a celebrity, and it’s even less often that you manage to bag a date with your famed crush, but not for one lucky lad in the U.S, as he sent a Facebook clip to his dream damsel, and received huge success.

In a viral video that has been viewed more than 5 million times, U.S Marine Jarrad Haschert reached out to the women’s UFC champ, Ronda Rousey to be his date for the Marine Corps. Ball in North Carolina this coming December and to his surprise, she said yes.

And here’s that video…

Congratulations Jarrod, you’re a seriously lucky guy! Ever since the 22nd August, his life hasn’t been the same. We hope he has a great night and enjoys the moment; however Ronda is not the first celeb plus one at the ball. In the past, stars including Mila Kunis, Kim K and Justin Timberlake have joined the party, but none are quite as tough as Ms. Rousey. Let’s hope no one gets in a boozy bust up with her, for their sake!

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