Everyone’s favourite online dating app has taken a fresh twist and is heading for Hollywood in their latest update, as Tinder has now introduced a brand new feature called the ‘Super Like’. Reminiscent of the blockbusters in the movies, the ‘Super Like’ now gives their users an added aspect in which you can highlight your interest in a person even more, and with that there’s no doubt you’ll have future partners knocking down the door in no time.

If you haven’t already joined the millions on the love app, Tinder is a way to swipe multiple matches either left or right, depending on how you rate them. So, if you’re not a fan of their pictures and witty bio’s, you can swipe them left to decline the match, but if you’re left star gazing at the screen in ore, you can swipe them right as a potential match (only matched if they swipe you right too). And now, as previously mentioned, the ‘Super Like’ is a feature where you can express your admiration of the person even more, regardless of how much they do or don’t like you.

Check out the showbiz style trailer the guys behind the app have come up with for the next level dating feature…

Want to give love a go? Download the app now and jump on board with millions of other users worldwide. Who knows, you may even meet your next possible wife, girlfriend, husband or boyfriend on there, and what’s more, you’ll have the power to give everyone a ‘Super Like’

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