When you’re four, or any age for that matter, being asked to play an important part in someone’s wedding day is a huge deal and little JoJo is no different. A video of her telling her Dad that he can’t call her name when she’s walking down the isle as a flower girl, has now gone viral…

In the video, which has received over 100,000 views, the pretty little girl explains to her Dad, ”You don’t know what weddings look like. You can’t call my name when I’m going to be walking down the isle. No one can call us because we’re going to be busy walking down the isle.”

Her Dad playfully replies,  ”What if I just yell, ‘Princess!?’

To which JoJo takes more of a firmer stance, puts her hands of her waist and says to him, ”Dad, you cannot do that. You do not understand weddings, at all.”

So without further ado (excuse the pun) here’s the video…

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