So, summer is well and truly over here in the UK, and the sun has certainly put his hat away until the middle of next year. We’ve waved goodbye to festival life, pulled the BBQ cover over and packed up our shorts to the back of the wardrobe once and for all, but it’s not all doom and gloom for the coming months of Autumn/Winter 2015.

With that in mind, here at the SPG, we thought that we’d be the ever optimist in your life, and with that, we’re going to run down our favourite things about the last quarter of the year, giving you the more reason to be happy! So, without further or do, this is what the end of the year is all about…

Winter Fashion

Go straight to your dirty washing basket, dive in head first and lift out all of your pre-April clobber because it’s time to whack out the layers again. From your thick, fluffy hoodie, to your triple skinned coat, Autumn/Winter is the best excuse to wear as many clothes as you want. And what’s more, not only will you be warmer than your cold associates, but rocking the latest seasons gear will make you stand out from the crowd.

An Excuse To Stay In

Picture two months ago… Your buddies would call you up on a boring Sunday afternoon, the sun would be shining and then you’d end up sitting by the river binging on several pints of refreshing cider. Fast forward to the current time, and I couldn’t think of anything worse. Your pals may be well and truly up for a midday session, but… One: they won’t be sitting outside and Two: they’ll be freezing to the core drinking a cold pint. Use the excuse to stay in and cocoon in a blanket; mix that with a piping hot cup of hot chocolate and end the day with a hearty stew or pie, and it’s basically heaven.

Season’s Greetings

To be fair, the summer is great fun and festival life is a blast, but how good is it compared to the celebrations we get during Autumn/Winter? Not only do we have the opportunity to dress up as something scary (and no, we’re not referring to ourselves on a Saturday night) and party until we drop at Halloween, we also have Fireworks night where we can scoff our bellies full at a family do, and even Christmas too! Least not forgetting New Years, Winter is the REAL season when it comes to partying!

Gym Go or Gym No

If you’re a gym goer or a gym, no…er, you’re always going to be onto a winner in the last quarter of the year. For people that do go to the gym, you’ll be free to dance about and use all the equipment to your heart’s desire, as the not so dedicated, Summer bodies will have ridden for the final term. The quietness will be bliss and you can lift at your own will, but be warned, they will be back next year. On the other hand, for the gym no shows, it doesn’t matter about your body in the Winter; you can pile on the pounds until you feel ready to check back in for a bulking session. Ginger bread lattes replace protein shakes, whilst mince pies switch in from clean eating, the gym routine can wait until next Summer.

So, there you have it. The SPG’s guide to why you should love the Autumn/Winter life of 2015. Take our advice and you’ll be living the dream, just make sure you bag your portable brolly and rain mac if you dare go outside. Good luck and enjoy the rest of the year!

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