The famed EDM brand ‘Cream’ has been established and renowned for its wicked events for decades, and this December, it’s closing the curtain on one of their most prestigious venues in Liverpool, but it’s certainly going to go off with a bang.

For over 23 years, Cream has hosted an array of awesome parties at Nation in the Merseyside city and it comes with deep sadness in our heart, that the last ever gig will be played out on the 26th December. That’s right, your boxing day couldn’t end any better, so stack up full of your post Christmas leftovers, don some new threads you opened from under the tree and make sure you don’t miss out on this mega session on December the 26th.

They couldn’t leave the venue without a kiss goodbye and that is why Cream are bringing out all the big guns behind the decks this Christmas, as not only are they showcasing multiple rooms of EDM madness, but they have a whopping selection of your favourite DJ’s too. From Duke Dumont and Nick Warren in the main room, to Eddie Halliwell and the legendary Paul Van Dyk in the Courtyard, Liverpool’s party scene will never be the same again after this year.

Tickets cost just £40 a piece and you can pre-order them whilst they are still available here at: / Tel: 0844 847 1727 / 0844 888 9991 / 0844 884 2920

How could we forget to mention? Everyone is welcome and what’s more, the fun is running from 9PM – 6AM, so we’ll see you there to give Nation the true send off it deserves. Thanks for all the great times. We’ll miss you!

For more info on the event go to:

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