Are you ready to take your night life to a whole new level? Well, you best gear up for Regression Sessions 24-date UK tour, because the renowned fun club is hitting a city near you and it’s not something to be missed out on.

The rapidly approved moonlight event see’s clubbing as you know it turned on its head and with that, Regression turns local venues into an adventure playground for all over eighteens. Love electronic music? No worries, as not only will you be bouncing about in a chaotic indoor joy land, but you’ll be pumped by an array of wicked DJ’s who play house, drum and base, Hip Hop and so much more!

Just think of it like this, remember the times when you used to go for a meal with your parents and the highlight of the trip was running riot in the play area? Yeah, that’s Regression Sessions. Minus the food and add on alcohol, mega tunes, a ball pit, face painting and space hoppers, and let’s not forget the bouncy castle; what’s not to love?

Grab your tickets now over at and have a laugh on a night to remember. From Leeds, Sheffield, London, Birmingham, Brighton and Manchester, be sure you hit it up whilst tickets are still about.

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