We can rate pretty much anything online nowadays, from hotels to the latest films, but how would you feel if people could give you a public review?

We may joke that we’ll leave our mum a bad review on TripAdvisor for not cooking our tea quick enough, but what if this is something we could actually do? Well now it is.

A new app named, ‘peeple’ is set to launched late November time and enables you to rate people you know, including: friends, relatives, exes, your work colleagues and even your boss!

Like most review sites, with the Peeple app, you’ll be able to leave a 1-to-5-star rating, and just like you can review others, they can also review you. That’s a different thing all together, isn’t it? Suddenly that revenge review you were going to post about your ex doesn’t seem quite so delightful.

What’s even worse is once your names added into Peeples system, it’s there permanently and you’re unable to delete bad reviews… uh oh! I don’t think we’re the only ones feeling slightly uneasy about this.

If you’re already starting to think about all the people you’ve irritated, don’t worry, we are too. Perhaps you can make a packed with them and both agree not to post a bad review? Maybe it’ll turn out like eBay – when a person leaves you bad feedback, you retaliate and leave them some snotty feedback too.

Even worse: what if future employers start using it to see what you’re like before interviewing you?

Our conclusion – this app is brilliant, providing all the bad reviews are aimed at someone else, rather than you.

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