The hit Channel 4 TV series ‘Gogglebox’ has steamed back onto our sets, and again has captured the nations hearts with ease. Now pushing on every Friday night in its sixth series, we took a moment to chat to Louis Michael from the show and he revealed everything from his favourite box families to his takeaway delights…

Hi Louis! How is everything going for you at the moment?
Hello there! Absolutely wonderfully! I’ve just accepted a place at, and started, university all within the last month so everything’s incredibly exciting and new and fun at the moment- let’s hope it lasts!

Great news, congrats! So, Gogglebox is in its 6th series now and has been running for two and a half years! That’s crazy! Did you ever think it was going to be as popular as it has been?
Absolutely, without a doubt, and with all certainty- no. I remember thinking it would just be a bit of fun; who’s going to say no to being on TV? And I assumed it might generate a bit of chatter, but never to such extremes! It’s such an honour to be part of something so well loved and popular.

It’s a brilliant programme. Do you ever watch yourself on the show the week after when it airs?
Of course! One, to enjoy the show (I’m a fan just like everyone else!) and two, to self analyse. You can’t help critiquing yourself as you watch. The other day I said to myself after watching “remember not to talk with food in your mouth Louis, that is not a good look.”

Hah! We all do it I think… We love your family, they are a great laugh! But apart from yourselves, who would you say are you favourite people from the programme?
Giles and Mary are an unexpected and delightful addition to the Gogglebox family. Their insights and observations are so excellent. Sandy and Sandra kill me. The Siddiquis warm my heart every time. Chris and Steven are stand up comedy material. Honestly I love everyone! They each bring something so different and valuable to the show.

Very true! People on the programme are often seen scoffing a takeaway or sipping on a glass of wine (or four), but what would you prefer, a cheeky Chinese or an all out Indian banquet?
This is an excellent question. Before the series began I was a solid Chinese-er. But I’ve had my fair share of takeaways since then (it is a countless, slightly worrying number) and I think I’m swaying more towards Indian. You cannot beat a chicken balti!

Solid choice! We noticed on your Twitter, your bio states ‘So I need a hip replacement’ Do you actually need a hip replacement? That would be awful if you did!
HAH! I forget people actually read that, oh lord. It’s just a fun word play! Hip as in cool, hip as in hip replacement. Like I’m so cool and hip? It doesn’t work when you have to explain it *sigh*. No, no my hips are 100% healthy (and they don’t lie), I’m hoping I won’t have to worry about all that for a while.

Nice pun there! Moving aside from your hips, your mum is often seen knitting on the show, does she actually ever stop?
You know, sometimes I try to remember a time before she was knitting that quilt. I can’t.

Haha! What is her most prized piece of knitwear?
She’s knitted a fair few things actually. I don’t know if it’s her favourite, but she knitted me a gorgeous jumper for my birthday a few years back and I think it’s a winner.

So, whilst on Gogglebox you have to comment on an array of shows, but what is the worst programme to your memory, that you’ve had to talk about on the show?
It’s a tie. I can’t decide which was more mentally scarring between one born every minute (yes childbirth is, may be, beautifully figuratively, but literally it is quite vile) and a documentary about spiders. See I’m fine with spiders but when you’re zoomed up to their fangs and eyes and hair and they’re essentially x839503 bigger, that’s just not ok.

Scary stuff! You’ve just become a student! What are you studying and why?
I am indeed a student. I’m studying English and creative writing with my sights set on going into editing and writing.

And you’re from Brighton too! What a lovely place, we love visiting! What do you love about Brighton the most? We adore the fish and chips and the pier to be honest!
Glad to see you’re fans of my hometown! I’m not shy about my home pride, I absolutely love Brighton. For me it’s sitting in Pavilion Gardens on a sunny day or book hunting in the Lanes. (I don’t actually go on the beach all that much!)

And finally, we saw you are a bit of a Minaj fan, what are your thoughts on her beef with Miley Cyrus?
HAH! I should probably just say no comment and duck out of the fray but I’m going to side with Nicki on this one purely because of all the material that’s come out of the argument. Have you seen all the ‘what’s good’ products? There are phone cases and pillows!

There is always wicked merchandise on the web, haha! Well thanks Louis! It’s been a real pleasure! Best of luck with the show!

Gogglebox airs on Channel 4 on Fridays at 9pm.

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