Halloween’s coming and everyone knows students like to go all out and really dress up for the occasion, but if you’ve been too bogged down with essays to even think about your outfit, fear not, as we’ve found a fab YouTube video that’ll help you guys out!

Halloween is a night filled with fun. Creepy make-up (lads, you’re included in that one) and spooky fancy dress costumes are everywhere. However, now that Halloween’s edging closer, being the unorganised folk that we are, we figured a lot of you may not yet have sorted out your outfit, so are in need of a bit of inspiration. 

Plus, we know student budgets can be tight, so we thought you might be looking for some blood-curdling outfits that aren’t going to break your bank.

We took those two things into consideration and wollah! We found the perfect YouTube video. This video has 30 last minute Halloween outfit ideas for you guys to choose from AND they’re things that most of you will already have in your wardrobe – yippee!

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