We all look back at old photos of ourselves and cringe. What on earth were we wearing?! To think that we actually thought we looked seriously cool – how cringey. Here are the 5 worst fashion trends all us 90’s kids wore…

  1. Badass Flares
    Do you remember when the thought of wearing skinny jeans actually made you wince? How could you possibly wear something so tight? It was all about the badass flares. The Bigger they were, the better. So big in fact that they traipsed along the floor and ripped at the ends. Oh and if they had a chain…well, you were taking things to a whole new level. Chances are, you were probably the coolest kid in school. P.s If you brought your flares from Tammy Girl… respect.
  2. Cream of the Crop
    Flares in the winter, crop trousers in the summer (or ‘peddle-pushers’ as they’re also known). We were so cool! The perfect item to wear for a girlie sleepover.
  3. Are they trousers or are they shorts?
    One for the guys here… trousers that unzipped into shorts. They had the ultimate surprise element. Playing football with your mates and got too hot? Proudly rip off the bottom part of your trousers and watch them all gawp with jealousy as they magically turn into shorts.
    4. So flashy!
    Light. up. shoes. Need we say any more? Man they were awesome. Running around with your trainers flashing at every step you took made you practically feel like a celebrity. No pictures, please.
    5. Two in one
    Why wear just a t-shirt when you can wear a long sleeve t-shirt underneath. If you were a skater kid, we can guarantee you did this. Did you finish off your outfit with a pair of baggy flairs teamed with some dc’s? We thought so.Thank goodness fashions moved on since then! But who knows, maybe we’ll look back in another 10 years and wince about what we’re wearing right this very moment… uh oh!
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