Lads, Halloween is around the corner and in true bloke style, you still haven’t decided to wear to that spooky party you’ve been invited to. Whether it’s at a house or your hitting the town, you really want to be looking the part, so here are a few on trend characters that’ll get heads turning this horror season…

Pablo Escobar

After the much loved Narcos aired on Netflix not so long back, Pablo Escobar has fast become talk of the town, even if he was about more in the Eighties. Don a nice curly wig, split it with a side parting and top your lip with a cheeky moustache, and wahla, you are Escobar. Give them ‘Plato o Plomo’.

Patrick Bateman

American Psycho, what a classic film. Pulling off a creepy and professional approach to all aspects of business, Mr. Bateman shines through when it comes to crazed entrepreneurs. Take your finest job interview suit; strap up your red tie and maybe a plastic axe for good measure too.


Some may go as Walter White and others may go as Jesse, but many few will go as Heisenberg. Whether it’s the famous bowler hat you opt for or the classic, yellow jumpsuit, you’ll be the best dressed around, so be sure to share your blue crystal sweets with your friends.


Spectre is out this weekend, so that means Bond will very much be talk of the town come Halloween. Pretty much, pull out a suit, a crisp white shirt, a black bow tie and have your Martini shaken not stirred, you secret agent.

Go Emoji

Everyone knows what one is and you’re certainly on trend for 2015. What’s more, you’ll look the business when you come crawling out of the club with a bright yellow face that only cost a few quid to make.

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