This is definitely one for the creative amongst you! If you like having something different, that no one else has, stay right here!

Who wants a bland, boring bedroom? Exactly, nobody and there’s nothing like a quirky bit of wallpaper to liven up those lifeless four walls. But not generic wallpaper… oh no. We’re thinking personalised wallpaper. Like the sound of that? Well it’s possible with a visit to YourWalls.

You may be in student accommodation, so we’re not recommending you suddenly change your wallpaper to one with your face all over it and give your landlord/lady a nasty surprise, but there’s nothing stopping you from giving your walls a revamp at home (providing your parents are willing). And once they’ve seen the wallpaper from YourWalls, why wouldn’t they be? 😉

All you have to do to get your personalised wallpaper is simply measure your wall in centimetres and upload your own high-resolution image, and wollah! The team at YourWalls will create your wallpaper along with fitting instructions so that you can achieve the perfect finish! It’s that easy.

But fear not. If you’re lacking inspiration on the ideas front, YouWalls also have their own designs ready for you to choose from and you can request a FREE sample pack, so you can see which type of wallpaper finish you’d like.

Wait! It gets better… if you don’t have an image yourself and aren’t able to find the right design in their image library, you can pop them an email outlining what you’re looking for and they will do their best to help!

So why not visit their site today & have a look? Don’t forget to send us a snap of your personalised wallpaper when it arrives 😉

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