As a student, you’ll often find yourself sitting through multiple presentations and will be in an array of situations where you’ll have to showcase your work in an engaging way. Weeks of effort are put into the show piece and hours of precision are spent mastering your work, but how can you optimise your talent to stand out from your course mates to score the best mark?

Well, a great place to start would be by making your work stand out with some pristinely printed products. Not only does this give a professional edge to your work over your fellow students, but it also attracts the eye of your tutor with a fine detailed finish. Whether it was finalising your work piece for photography or setting up an exhibition in your study hall, printed products and glossy imagery is the way to catch your audience’s eye. The perfect place for all of your printing needs would be Precision Printing, where they offer multiple services to enhance your printing. Note: a key benefit of printing online is not only the fact it’s amazing quality, but you don’t have to spend hours waiting behind someone in the library queue, only to find out the printer is jammed!

Another way would be (and this one depends entirely on you) to get the work done way ahead of deadline; this giving you the opportunity to correct and enhance your work where necessary later on. Gone will be the sweats you get before deadline day, and no longer will you spend caffeine filled nights in the library, as you’ll become champion of the assignment. Mind you, if you do end up in a last minute, deadline dash, coffee and energy drinks are stocked at all good retailers.

So, there you have it. Two tips on how you can make your uni life a whole lot easier and finally get the grades you’ve always dreamed of. Your parents will be proud and your grades will start rolling in, so good work on that front. And who knows, in the long run, you may even be so proud of your work, you hang the pieces on the wall yourselves?

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