Writing a CV is never that fun and you can’t help but feeling rather arrogant as you boast about how amazing you are. Plus, in today’s climate, there’s no guarantee that all your efforts will even get you a job, so here’ some wacky ideas that can make your CV stand out from the crowd…

Now we’re not promising that any of these will work, as you never know exactly what someone’s looking for and the truth is, one employer may be really impressed by a CV that another employer would right off straight away. Some of it just comes down to personal preference.

However, sometimes the little things can make a big difference. It shows you’ve gone that extra mile, which could make all the difference (or go down like a led balloon, but who knows!)

For example, Ted Williams was homeless until he held up a sign asking people to listen to his radio voice. Consequently, he then got offered a job on a radio station! Check out his insane voice below.

However, if you don’t feel like going quite that wacky, here are some slightly more conventional ideas…

Coloured Paper
When printing out your CV, why not trying printing it in coloured paper. If an employers got a whole pile of CV’s to go through, if you were them, would you not be entisied by the coloured one first? It sparks curiosity and is more exciting than the usual dull, black and white ones.

Film A Video
In the same way, reading through thousands of CV’s is not exactly much fun either. Do perspective employers really read through them all word for word? We’re doubtful. So why not film a video of yourself talking about your achievements? Again, it’s something most people wouldn’t think to do and it also allows the employer to gage a better perspective of you.

Do A Website
Instead of writing your CV on a word document, how about you create your own website with all the relevant information on it? If you don’t quite feel brave enough to do a video, having a website can have a similar effect without you having to face the camera! This is a really good idea particularly if you’re hoping to go into a creative industry such as graphic design, as it gives you an opportunity to show off your imagination!

In Person
Many job applications ask you to apply online, but have you ever thought about handing your CV in in person? It shows you’ve made a little extra effort to go and give it to the relevant person face to face. Most people wouldn’t think to do this, as obviously applying online is far easier. You may even meet the person who conducts the interviews, which will make you feel more confident about going to one, should they ring and ask you.

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