Following on from our feature yesterday about how to enhance your grades, a large chunk of the information to nailing the top marks came down to the final finish of your assignment and with that, it was ultimately the way you printed. As we mentioned then, there are many ways to get your work on paper, but we are here are a few tips to secure student friendly printing on a budget.

First of all on our list, we have the old fashioned method of steaming into the library with a fully loaded USB stick chock-a-block with work. Now, this may be cost effective in the fact that you’re paying university prices for your work, but you’re not always guaranteed to get the job done on the day. Just think of it like this, you and hundreds of others will needed their work printed prior to deadline day and straight away, everyone makes the mad library dash. You’ll be queuing for hours behind your peers, only to get to the machine to find out the printer is jammed, it’s out of paper or when it does finally print, it’s not up to standard. So, bare that in mind when you choose the library option.

Secondly (and this one proves quite an effective choice), you can invest in a HD printer of your own, albeit if you have enough spare wonga laying about from your student loan, and from there you can print your products directly from your room. Also, if you don’t have enough money, you and your flatmates can invest in one together by all chipping in a few quid; just don’t let clumsy Katrina loose on it without supervision. However, this does have a few downfalls, as you can’t print in a variety of sizes and styles, and not only that, ink can prove a seriously ineffective cost friend, so your money will all disappear along with your illusive assignments. And if Katrina does break it, who’s going to pay for the repair job?

Lastly, you have the choice to order your prints online from an array of sources that offer multiple services for your student needs. These often come in any size you need and any quality, and what’s more, they are delivered directly to your flat door, so you can’t go too wrong (baring in mind you actually get your work done on time). If you are running late, a great place to grab your prints with 24 hour printing service is Where The Trade Buys and they offer a heap of styles to save your assignment issues too. So, overall we’d probably put this as the most cost efficient way to get your prints in your hands ready to snatch those top grades.

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