We’ve all heard of the 99p Store and Poundland (who recently brought the chain), but we never expected it to go much lower than a quid did we? Well now, thanks to a budding entrepreneur, it has! We introduce you to a shop that’s selling items for as low as 25p…

With prices continuing to go up and our wages staying the same, most of us are on rather tight budgets, so saving money whenever we can is essential – particularly if you’re a student!

Luckily, budding entrepreneur, Charlotte Danks has come up with a genius idea that could help us retain some much needed dosh.

Miss Danks has opened a store which sells most of its items for just 25p! Her shop is called, ‘Bargain Brand Food Outlet’ and as it states in the name, everything she sells is branded, so shoppers get to purchase branded items for less than a fraction of the price.

So how exactly can Charlotte manage to sell her commodities for so little? It’s simple. The 20-year-old collects items from distributors that are slightly faulty, damaged or near to their end date, but are still completely save to consume.

Not only is Charlotte helping the poor with the opening of her shop, she’s also helping the environment, as without her, a lot of these items would end up in landfill.

Charlotte’s first store is in Newquay and this one has been so successful that she’s hoping to expand – great news for us, not so great news for the supermarkets!

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