Tattoos certainly have a lot of stigma attached to them, but this article will prove that perhaps people shouldn’t be so quick to judge. Now tattoos are not just being used for artistic purposes, they’re also being used for media purposes too…

There’s some great tattoo designs out there and we’re forever sitting here in disbelieve at some of the talented artwork we see.  From massive, bold pieces, to beautiful, intricate designs, there’s no doubt that tattoos are created by amazing artists.

They’re are always developing and it wasn’t too long ago that we were in awe of Ondrej Konupcik’s water colour tattoos. (His work is now so popular that prospective clients are having to book an appointment with him two years in advance!)

Even though they’re popular, there are also people out there who thoroughly dislike tattoos. Dislike them you may, but now they’re not only being used for fashion and as a form of expression, they’re also being used to help medical conditions.

Tattoo’s for medical purposes use semi-permanent ink rather thank the usual ink you find in tattoos and can be used to treat various conditions. They can create nipples for those that have lost their breasts due to breast cancer, give eyebrows to patients with alopecia and help to cover up scaring for burns victims. What a medical marvel!

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