Packing for a holiday can for many people become a pretty stressful experience. But here at The Student Pocket Guide we are here to help. We have ten packing tips for you all to read through, and trust me they work wonders.

  1. Roll your clothes
    When you are looking to save space when packing, then roll as opposed to folding your clothes. What’s more, it’ll also leave your clothes looking less creased, saving you an ironing job when you arrive at your destination.
  1. Pack a spare tote/ plastic bag
    This will come in so handy when you are packing. Whether you use it for storing your dirty laundry, double bagging your toiletry bottles or packing your wet towel, a spare bag is definitely something you should pack.
  1. Invest in portable luggage scales
    If you don’t want to end up paying a fortune in overweight baggage fees, then you must get your hands on a set of portable luggage scales. You can use them to weigh your bags after some heavy souvenir shopping at your destination, or to ensure your hand luggage doesn’t go over the weight limit just before a flight on some of the pickier budget airlines.
  1. Protect your jewellery
    Packing jewellery can always be a little tricky, especially necklaces. You grab one out of your bag to wear, and low and behold it’s massively tangled. What you should do it thread your necklace chain through a straw, to prevent any knotting.
  1. Use all available space
    When packing your case be sure to make use of all the spare space. Why not try stuffing your shoes with your socks? It’ll save you room within your bag and will keep the shape of your shoes too. And the same goes for hats too.
  1. Cover shoes with shower caps
    By covering the sole of your shoes with shower caps (or plastic bags) you’ll remove the risk of dirtying your clean clothes and will keep the inside of your bag dirt-free.
  1. Get yourself a good suitcase
    If you know you will be travelling a lot over the coming years, you may want to re-think buying a cheap suitcase. By paying a little more money you will get a better-designed case, which is more likely to last longer. And to save yourself time at the baggage carousel, try to make your case a little more personal by attaching a scarf or covering it in stickers.
  1. Pack spares
    If you don’t want to do laundry whilst away then be sure to pack some spare clothes and underwear. If you’re away for four days, pack enough underwear for seven, as well as a few spare t-shirts and a pair of trousers. This way you’ll be covered in the eventuality of a spilled glass of wine, or a cancelled flight home.
  1. Double bag toiletries
    We’ve all been there; you open up your case only to find a bottle of shampoo has exploded over every single thing you own. By double bagging all toiletries, you can prevent your toiletries from spilling all over your clothes and save yourself a massive hand-washing job in your hotel sink.
  1. Pack essentials in your hand luggage
    In the unfortunate event that your checked baggage does get lost, it’s always best to be prepared. In your carry on you should pack a spare set of clothes, underwear/ swimwear, basic toiletries, any important documents and electrical chargers.

Hopefully these ten tips will come in handy for you all when you begin to pack for you next trip and if you’ve got any more useful tips please do let us know.

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