Travelling can provide you with great memories and amazing stories, but you may also be pleased to know that travel can give you much more than this. It can also teach you some really useful life lessons. Be it in your university studies, your future career and in your general well being too, so here are just five life lessons that travel can teach you.

  1. The world is a big place
    Once you actually get a chance to go and explore some of the world, you’ll realise how big it actually is, and in turn, you’ll realise how small you are compared to it. And this is not a bad thing. The experience of travel will turn you into a humble person, once you finally begin to realise how much more in the world there is than just you.
  1. You become a more understanding person
    Whether you travel to the next county, or you choose to travel to the other side of the world, you are sure to meet a range of different people a long the way. You’ll cross paths with people from strikingly different backgrounds, those of different ethnicities and those who maybe can’t even speak in the same language as you. These meetings teach you to become a more tolerant and understanding person to those who may be dissimilar to you.
  1. You’re confidence will blossom
    Travelling will also teach you to become a much more confident person; a personal trait that bodes well to your future employers and for your own personal happiness too. Travel is about new experiences and sometimes they can push you out of your comfort zone. You may have to rely on your own sense of direction to navigate yourself to your hostel. And you may have to make friends with those sharing your dorm room. Each of the new experiences you tackle will help build your self-reliance and soon you will become a more self-assured, confident individual.
  1. Memories are more important than material
    Snapping photos of your latest holiday or bringing back a whole suitcase full of mementos can be a great way to remember your holiday. But be sure that it’s not the only way you remember it. Try not to get too bogged down with taking photos and buying souvenirs. Try to actually enjoy the special moments from your trip. You want to be able to remember your travels from your own perspective and memories. Not just through the lens of a camera
  1. Creativity is important
    When you travel your mind is opened up to so many new and interesting things. Your senses will be tested and your ideals of the norm will be challenged. This fresh way of seeing things will come back to your everyday life with you. It’ll teach you to see a different side to everything. Travel will allow you to become a more creative person in your day-to-day, with your imagination creating exciting possibilities for your future.

Travel can teach you so much and these are just a small handful of the many life lessons it can teach you. What has travel taught you? And what life lessons could you add to the list?

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