If you’re a student and want to spent a lot of time travelling, then your choice of accommodation will most certainly be that off a hostel. But there’s no shame in this and if you still aren’t sure on the idea of staying a hostel, here are five things that make them great places to stay when abroad.

  1. The Price
    One of the best things about hostels is the price. Now don’t get me wrong, you can end up paying a fortune for a hostel room, but these tend to be for the more fancy establishments (or if you want a private room). But if you’re open to staying in a dorm with fellow travellers, then your costs will be significantly lower. You’ll also rest easy knowing that the price you paid for one weeks accommodation in a hostel, in some cases, wouldn’t even cover one nights stay in that hotel up the road.
  1. The People
    Hotels are an excellent way to meet people and make new travel companions. This is the perfect environment for a solo traveller as there is always an opportunity to make friends. Be it in your dorm room, on the way to the shared kitchen or in the hostel bar. You’ll also find that many hostels offer quiz and movie nights, as well as group outings to the local pubs and clubs.
  1. The Staff
    Hostel staff can also make hostels great places to stay. They may be local to the area and will be able to provide some inside knowledge on all the best places to eat, shop and drink. And if they’re a traveller just like you, they’ll also be able to give you information on all the best tourist things to see and do whilst you’re away.
  1. The Location
    Another thing that makes hostels brilliant is their location. Many of the best hostels are usually located right in the heart of the city, which is ideal for a traveller who is short on time and money. Waking up literally on the doorstep to some of the world’s best landmarks is an incredible experience and will save you heaps of time when trying to navigate your way around the city. And when you get home you will have unlimited bragging rights that your hotel balcony offered views of the Eiffel Tower, which is always nice too.
  1. The Freebies
    This may be the continental breakfast you get every morning, that local map you desperately need or unlimited Wi-Fi access. Whatever it is, a freebie is always an excellent perk in the eyes of a student. Hostels are great for providing its guests with lots of free extras to make their stay more comfortable. And it may not be technically free, but many hostels can offer you discounted tickets on travel, museums or local tours and excursions.

So there you have it, just five of the many reasons that make hostels great. So for your next trip, why not ditch that overpriced hotel and book yourself a stay in a hostel? There are plenty of reasons to do so. If you have any other reasons as to why you think hostels are great, that haven’t been mentioned above, please get in touch.

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