Let’s face it, we can be forgiven for being a bit naive when we were kids. After all, the world seemed so innocent, so no one can blame our minds for believing some rather silly things. So besides from the obvious, such as Father Christmas and The Tooth Fairy, what other completely bizarre things did some of us believe when we were younger?

Here’s 10 crazy things we believed when we were kids…

  1. That if you didn’t clap your hands twice after sneezing a fairy would die
  2. That brown cows made chocolate milk and white cows made normal milk
    3. That teachers lived in classrooms and never went home
    4. That when a character in a movie aged, the directors had to wait until the actor had got that old in real life before shooting the scenes
    5. That people often had the same name and when someone mentioned a person called ‘Amy’ they weren’t necessarily talking about the Amy you knew
    6. That getting wrinkly fingers from staying in water too long didn’t mean you were turning old
    7. That flushing the loo could lead you to being sucked in the toilet and never being seen again
    8. That seeing black and white pictures meant the whole world used to be black and white
    9. That if you swallowed apple seeds, an apple tree would grow inside you
    10. That there were people underneath conveyor belts that moved your food along
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