Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re probably a student, so we’re guessing you haven’t been asked to be a best man just yet. But if you ever are, you have this best man to contend with…

This guy takes being a best man to a whole new level. We’ve all heard the funny speeches, but nothing quite like this! In his own words, here’s Darren Byrne’s story…

”In November 2014 one of my best friends, Darren Farrell, asked me to be his Bestman at his 2015 Vilamoura, Portugal wedding to his beautiful bride to be Anna Carey. To say it was an honour is an understatement. I wanted to do something special for them as they are truly a wonderful couple who deserve the best day and experience as possible on their big day. I have spent the past 10 months chasing their favorite sports stars and celebrity personalities to give them a quick message of best wishes on their wedding day.

I never thought I would have got as much participation as I did and am so happy that Anna and Darren can keep this for years to come. So to my friends, Anna and Darren Farrell, I wish you both all the happiness and best wishes for the future. It was an absolute honour and privilege to stand with you on 17th September 2015…..what an amazing day and spectacle you put on for all of us, one that we will never forget! Congratulations my friends x x Darren B.

P.S. Finally a huge thanks to all of the people below who contributed to this video, I will never forget your help and will always be in your debt!”

Check out the video below!

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