So the 5p-per-bag law was recently introduced and we thought some of your tweets about it were rather funny, so here’s some of our favourites…

The best thing about the 5p bag charge is that the cupboard next to my sink is now worth £672,348.

*looks at all the plastic bags I’ve hoarded* HAH IM RICH #5pbags

The amount of carrier bags my mum and dad have in the cupboard… If I stand outside Asda and sell them for 4p each I could retire #5pbags

Did anyone else feel #posh using there #BagsForLife while everyone else was walking out the shops with trolleys and baskets #NoShame #5pBags

I’ve always wondered why my mum collected all those carrier bags in the kitchen…it all makes sense now #5pbags

When I insisted on holding on to my vast collection of complimentary tote bags, they all laughed at me. They’re not laughing now. #5pbags

Why pay 5p for a bag when you can send £1 on a trolley?

P.s We charge 5p for you reading this article 😉

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