This week, Snapchat hit the 6 billion mark for the number of videos viewed on the app DAILY.  So it’s the perfect time to think about the things we do on Snapchat that we’d never admit to the rest of the world…

1. ‘Accidentally’ Sending Your Crush An Incredible Selfie
Sometimes it takes hours to capture the perfect ‘spontaneous’ selfie, so why would you let all that effort perfecting your hair and choosing the most flattering light go to waste? The answer: You don’t. You ‘accidentally’ send it to that special someone you’ve had your eye on, quickly followed by the sincerest apology: ‘OMG! I’m SO sorry. That was totally meant for someone else.’ And if you play your cards right, that conversation could end with the message: ‘Yes, actually. I am free Friday night.’

2. Super Duck Face and…
They may sound like Marvel’s latest super heroes, but they’re the ones that need saving… from themselves. Posh Spice and Keria Knightly may have made the pout popular but they’re professionals, leave it to them! Super Duck Face is when you pout so much you’re less Daphne Groeneveld and more Donald Duck. Not a good look!

3. Double Chin Girl
Now if Super Duck Face is trying too hard to look good, then Double Chin Girl is when you’re trying too hard to look bad. You squeeze your chin into your neck, maybe cross your eyes and send it to your other crazy friends. Definitely NOT profile picture material.

4. Photos Taken By Your Imaginary Boyfriend
It’s tough being single, and even tougher when your BFF is sending Snapchats with their BF and they’re all XOXO. But you have the perfect plan to convince them that somebody loves you too. You lay down, pretend to sleep, lift your legs up and use your feet to take the cutest sleeping selfie. Then you Snapchat it with the caption: ‘Oh no, HE took a picture of me sleeping.’ You standby and wait for all your loved up friends to ask who HE is. Mission accomplished. Just look out for mirrors – they’ll betray you!

5. Snapchat Puns
Or should I say ‘Snape-chat Puns’ followed by a screenshot of Alan Rickman from ‘Harry Potter’? There’s something about Snapchat that brings out our inner Dad-joker. Whether you’re covered in herbs (thyme on your hands) or can’t wait for your omelette (egg-citing times) a goofy pun is guaranteed to bring a smile to your friends’ faces. In fact, besides their fluorescent pens, it’ll be the highlight of their day.

6. Colouring in Fancy Dress
If you’ve ever wondered what you’d look like dressed up as Mario or Ariel but finding a costume’s too much effort, Snapchat has the next best thing – colouring in fancy dress! You doodle the colours of your costume over a selife and hey presto – you’re the little mermaid (if the little mermaid had a beard and rugby player biceps).

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