So it’s now November… Where on earth has the year gone? I genuinely can’t believe that it’s Christmas in just over a month and with that in mind, the annual face fuzz event known as Movember has crept up upon us faster than your pizza being heated in the microwave, so it’s time to get growing, lads.

In the name of charity, every year at the start of November it has become a British tradition to bless our upper lip with some sort of styled mess, be it ginger and scraggly, short and dark or just a strained, single hair; the moustache really marks the eleventh month of every year. So, are you lacking a bit of inspiration on this taschetactic event? Well fear not, because we’ve got some killer, on trend styles for you…

The Pablo Escobar

The Heisenberg

The Hulk handlebars

Charlie Chaplin

Merv Hughes

So, there you have it. Some swaggy ‘staches that you should be donning this November. Before you know it, you’ll have all the ladies hanging off your top lip, so get your grow on, lads.

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