Ladies, we all know putting nail polish on can be an absolute nightmare. Well luckily, with this new invention, it looks like we could have perfect looking nails in no time. Here’s our beauty secret…

Painting your nails can turn into a complete nightmare. You start with a lush new colour hope that it will make your hands look elongated and your fingers a lot prettier, only problem is that the reality is often a lot different.

Painting your fingernails on your right-hand goes swimmingly, but when you start on your left the nail varnish ends up everywhere but on your actual nail.

Oh and when you’ve finally got over the left-hand hurdle, another problem crops up. You think after 5 minutes of waiting that your nails are completely dry, only later to find mysterious nail polish stains on your favourite clothing garments – great.

Well let us introduce you to the latest beauty invention that could end up solving all your nail varnish woes. Nails Inc have come up with spray on nail varnish. All you have to do is shake the can, spray in on your nails and then wash the excess nail polish off.

Why did someone not come up with this idea sooner?!

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