I always look out for inspirations and advice in style and beauty. The best source for that, I find, are blogs. Over the years, after reading through thousands of different ones, I have selected my 5 favourites. If you feel like you could use a few beauty tips and maybe you want some fashion advise, or you just love beautiful photos and light reading – here is the list of, in my opinion, the best bloggers to follow:

Lily Pebbles
My definite number one is Lily Pebbles’s blog. It is my favourite simply because its content is very varied. There is something for everyone, from lifestyle post lovers to fashion and makeup addicts. Additionally, she covers one topic that I love and is missing from other beauty guru’s blogs – food. The layout is very simple yet classy and her style of writing is very appealing. Her texts are not too long, straight on the topic with a hint of humour. Overall: 10/10.

Trop Rouge
Christina Caradona aka Trop Rouge shouldn’t surprise anyone on that list as she is a very successful and ‘famous’ blogger. There is a reason for that – she has the most unique fashion style out of all the bloggers. She definitely has a unique wardrobe and maybe it’s not everyone’s taste, but I absolutely adore her outfits. If you think you lack originality in your style, her blog is definitely worth a look at.

Gracie Francesca
This blogger is very inspirational to me. Not only in terms of fashion, beauty and food (she covers much more than that on her blog). Her website is filled with topics such as issues of body shaming and eating disorders, etc. Her content is not just entertaining, but she also truly inspires you to love and accept yourself the way you are. I found her blog to be really helpful in times when I needed support with my self-esteem. Those who prefer less serious content will still find relaxing and enjoyable blog posts about fashion and make-up!

Niomi Smart
This blog is another one known for its more varied content. Niomi’s blogs about fashion are my favourite though – I love her sense of style. She will find fans among those who prefer more simple and classy outfits, however she combines them in a way that they are still very original and unique. She also actively promotes a healthy lifestyle, which I personally can’t refer to, unfortunately, however she posts loads of delicious recipes and workout routine ideas, which might inspire you to change the way you live.

Fairfax Journal
My last favourite blog that made it to my ‘Top 5’ is Nadia’s Fairfax Journal. Out of all of the mentioned blogs her website is definitely the most ‘professional’. Its layout is very simple yet impressive. Her content is 99% fashion-focused and I think blogs with such a theme should put a lot effort into the quality of the photos used, which she is definitely aware of. The pictures are just beautiful, you can see the effort that was put into them. She doesn’t post much text so it’s perfect for when you want to just relaxed and feel inspired.

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