Starting university can be a very exciting experience; Freshers’ and the amount of partying being only one part of this. As a student, especially when living away from home, you’re surrounded by like-minded people. Others, just like you, are only just starting to realise how much the world has to offer, and releasing their inner-selves out there.

You’re all students, you’re all young and free, and careless. You can see a future ahead of you, but you still don’t know exactly what. It’s time to experiment and it shows heavily in your style… and there’s no judgement. In an age of technology, and globalisation, the choices are endless.

There’s no right or wrong. In the same lecture room there will be people in bright pink onesies and those that look like they’ve come straight out of a fashion show. They might be sitting together, possibly even living together, and it’s not weird at all. Guys in (#jazzy) flowery shirts are an item for Instagram pictures.

In nights out too, you see anything, from people who have obviously been to fancy dress parties or socials dressed as the cookie monster (yes, there are people who go for that and some think it’s pretty cool), to a dress and combat boot combo, to really dressed up, high heels and perfect make up (equalling a nice shirt and excessive perfume for boys).

Lately I’ve seen a lot of what can be called ‘man-dresses’, which in all fairness don’t look bad at all. Of course, there’s also students who go for the more subtle choices of denim and t-shirts, and that’s an expression of themselves too.

But if coming to a 9 AM lecture looking like you have a team dressing you up and doing your make up (which the people in onesies cannot even believe) isn’t quite effective, you can use your hair for the shock factor.

Remember back in college when every hair that was out of place and every little change mattered to the whole year, and likely to some year elevens too? Not anymore. At university, no one cares how you keep your hair. Blue, red, green, multi-coloured, long, perfectly straight, beautiful curls, just-out-of-bed-and-can’t-be-bothered; anything goes.

I shaved my head right after Freshers’, purely because I thought it was a nice style. It suited me and it wasn’t the people that said “Awww that’s so cool” that surprised me the most. It was the fact that there was people that didn’t even notice that I went from shoulder length to none.  It was me who started to notice, I wasn’t the only person making drastic changes.

And for those who have not been able to get the piercings or tattoos they wanted because they were at home or a college strict on appearance, let’s just say student finance is never enough. And students do tend to have some very creative minds, so it’s always entertaining to see lots of different tattoos you would have not thought of before.

Feel free at university and experience all of you. However, keep in mind that fashion sense changes and hair grows back. Unfortunately you won’t always be a university student. You will find your signature soon after and just in case that doesn’t include drunken tattoos, here’s some advice: Tattoo removal hurts, try and get them when you’re sure you want them.

Have fun!

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