Hello all you 90’s beauties! Do you remember any of the fashion trends that were huge during our school days? Well let’s see if we can jog your memory! Just a warning though, reading this will make you cringe a little…

  1. The Superdry Coat
    This just had to be our number 1. We couldn’t possibly start with any other item. These little gems were HUGE during our school days. Who knew a black coat with an orange logo could be so popular? If you had one of these, you were up there with the cool crew, congrats. We can guarantee you felt proud walking through the school gates with your fellow Superdry-coat-crew.
  2. The Gola Bag
    This was the school bag to have – especially the green version with the white writing. The fact it when over your shoulder as well just made you look even cooler. If you had it so low down that it touched your bum… you’ve earnt our respect.
  3. The Jane Norman Bags
    Ew, PE – we were all far too lazy for exercise, but at least we had a cool bag to carry our kit in, hey? No mum, we are 100% not putting out clothes in a Sainsbury’s carrier bag – it’s all about Jane Norman. If you ever bought anything from Jane Norman just so you could carry your PE clothes around in it at school, pat yourself on the back.
    4. The T-shirt 
    Who wants to wear a school shirt? Exactly, no one. So we had to take the head teachers fashion mistakes into our own hands and jazz them up a bit. This was done by simply wearing a t-shirt underneath our school shirts. White, or a bright colour, whatever you fancied, it didn’t matter – if you had a round neck tee showing underneath your dull school uniform, you were cool.
    5. The Ballet Pumps
    Girls, your teachers and your and mum probably told you off countless of times for not wearing ‘proper shoes’, but you simply didn’t care. There was no way you were wearing those geeky shoes with chunk soles, oh no. You wanted a cute pair of ballet pumps.
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