The main struggle most of us have during winter time is how to look good and not freeze. But warm doesn’t have to mean unstylish anymore. Here is a little guide to show you how you can rock winter!

Keeping it cool and stylish can be quite a challenge when it’s 0 degrees outside and all you want to do is wrap yourself in a blanket. There are, however, ways to add some things to your wardrobe that will help you keep it trendy.

A key trick to make yourself look like you’ve put lots of effort into your looks is very simple: add fashionable accessories. My favourite and most effective in keeping you cool and warm at the same time are earmuffs. They are a cute yet stylish addition to your look and you won’t have to challenge your budget too much- you can get them for only £2 in Primark!

Another must-have accessory is a massive, blanket-like scarf will be your best friend during winter. Feels like a blanket, protects you from the cold and you can make the most boring outfit look special. Works great with plain coats and up-do hair styles.

The coat aka Faux Fur
This winter season is all about the faux fur coats! All the bloggers and fashion gurus are raving about them. And they do have a point- furry coats look elegant and chic and are also extremely fashionable. There hype is serious, you can find faux furs in most shops right now, including Topshop and River Island, but also New Look and Primark if you’re looking for something more affordable. Choices are endless- from long and patterned to short and plain. It’s every fashonista must-have!

This piece of clothing has become very popular recently. No surprise why- they look fantastic, keep you warm and again – there are tons of styles to pick from. As well as big, chunky turtlenecks jumpers, there is a wide range of turtleneck tops, which are great if you are a fan of layering during winter time. If you’re worried that a turtleneck might ‘swallow’ you and it’s not a piece suitable for your body shape, why not trying crop turtlenecks? You can style them with high-waisted trousers or skirts and warm tights. Warm and very fashionable.

Bold lips
Finally let’s talk make-up. Bright, delicate pinks and soft peachy tones are okay in summer. During Autumn/Winter time it’s time to get bold. Burgundy, red, purple – you can be as creative as you want. If you are not a fan of having a lot of patterns and colours in your wardrobe and you prefer a slightly more ‘plain’ look, putting on a bold lipstick is a great way to spice it up a little bit. Bold lipstick recommendations: MAC ‘Pink Pigeon’, MAC ‘Lady Danger’, Topshop Matte Lip Bullet in ‘Get Me Bodied’, Rimmel Kate Moss in number 48.

Now we can all start getting excited for winter, without worrying about any fashion faux-pas!

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