For those of you who are in your first year at University, you’ll understand the huge pressure we’re under to find somewhere to live next year, and if you’re a second or third year student, hopefully you’ll remember.

It feels like we’ve only just finished unpacking boxes, and already we’re being urged to find accommodation for the next academic year. I’ve already signed a contract, and I know lots of people attending house viewings. It’s a very scary thing to face, and it’s huge step in our adult lives. Facing rent, wifi, water, and gas & electricity bills was too much for me, so I opted for an inclusive flat where I already stay. It means I get to stay close to campus and everything I need is a very short distance away.

I think the key to tackling this is to remember that everyone is in the same boat. It doesn’t matter what University you attend, everyone is feeling the pressure. I have a few tips to help you though!

  1. Ask the friends that you’ve made what they’re doing next year, and talk about the possibility of joining them.
  2. Make sure you know what you want. Do you want all bills included? What’s your budget? How many rooms? Parking? Close to campus? Close to shops?
  3. Have a look for people who look for the house/flat for you! There are plenty out there.
  4. If no.3 doesn’t go to plan, have a search online!
  5. Call or email the landlords to get a viewing A.S.A.P. The sooner you visit, the quicker you can put down your deposit and secure the place! Other people will also be interested in the same place, so don’t hang about!

Getting your first house isn’t going to come without it’s difficulties, but it certainly isn’t impossible! Just take my advice and don’t panic!

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