When moving into university dorms or shared house, one of the first things you’ll want to do is add your own personal touch to the place. This could be hanging a few photos from the walls, or installing fairy lights above your bed. And for those who are extremely passionate about travel there are so many great ideas out there for you to try. So here are just a few travel inspired home décor tips for you to take a look at…

Hang Maps/ Travel Prints
You may have picked up an awesome travel print from your latest trip, or you may have  invested in a vintage looking map of your favourite country. Either way, get it hung. These will add a touch of travel to your home, as well as being a constant reminder of the great times you had during your travels. You may also wish to invest in a scratch map to keep track of all the countries you’ve managed to visit.


Use Travel Trunks For Storage
Standard dorm rooms can be pretty notorious for limited storage space. So if you know you have a tonne of stuff, why not purchase a set of travel trunks. They look great and are the ideal place to store all your extra stuff. If you don’t want to shell out a fortune on these, head to charity shops and car boot sales, or get yourself onto Ebay in search of the perfect, yet affordable trunk.


Postcard Bunting
Postcards and bunting can both be inexpensive ways to add a little personality to a room. So why not pair the two together and create your own bunting using any postcards you may have lying around. And the more trips you and your friends and family makes means all the more bunting for your room. Another excellent excuse to book that next holiday.

Travel Jars
You may have seen this idea before, but using jars for decoration is ingenious. You’ll be able to pick up an array of different sized jars from the likes of IKEA, Argos or Wilkinsons, making it a cheap home décor option. Fill it with any foreign currency that may still be lingering in your wallet, or that seashell you picked up on the beach in Spain. Anything that reminds you of travelling, throw it in.

Keen travellers tend to have a number of country guides and travel books dotted around their rooms, so why not make these a feature piece for your home? By placing these books in a prominent position you’ll find yourself inspired every time you look at the shelf. And to add a little more decoration, grab yourself a set of travel themed book ends.book-shelf-349934_640

There are so many ways to inject a little travel into your room and to list them all in one article would send you into home décor overload. So if I’ve missed out any incredible ideas on travel inspired home decoration please do let me know by commenting below!

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