Now that you’ve decided where you want to do your degree and have confirmed where you’ll be living, it’s time to actually meet the people you’ll be with for the rest of the year. Have you met or know anyone who lives with the types of people listed below?

Here are the types of people you may live with in accommodation.

  1. The Quiet One
    You don’t tend to hear or see this flatmate very much, which often makes you wonder what they’re doing.
  2. The Borderline Alcoholic
    These people will always suggest a night out or a trip to the pub, just so they can get their daily alcoholic fix. You’re more likely to see them at night because they’re too busy getting over their self-induced, apocalyptic hangover during the day.
  3. The Food Thief
    They’ll strike when you least expect it, and they’ll leave you dazed, confused and just plain annoyed when you’ve rummaged both the fridge and kitchen cabinets wondering where your last piece of bread has gone.
  4. The Rich Kid
     While you’re in your room carefully budgeting your expenses for the month, the rich kid doesn’t have to do that, because you guessed it, they don’t need to.
  5. The Party Animal
    The name itself says it all. You can expect them to be the first ones to know about an event, to play music as loudly as possible during pre-drinks and of course, making a lot of noise as they drunkenly stumble back to the flat during the early hours of the morning.
  6. The One Who Frequently Pulls
    They usually bring back a different boy/girl with them after a night out.
  7. The Slob
    Whether it’s leaving dirty clothes scattered across their room, or leaving stacks of plates and cutlery on the side of sink, the slob doesn’t usually care much about the mess they’ve made. The only good thing about this type of flatmate is that they won’t mind if you’re messy too.
  8. The One Who Communicates by Post-its
    They frequently leave passive-aggressive notes in every corner where they know you’ll be able to see it, asking someone or anyone at all, to wash up or to take the rubbish out.
  9. The Neat Freak
    Just like their name suggests, neat freaks love it when everything is clean and organised. They’ll make sure, whether you like it or not, that the whole flat is spotless, before they go off and clean the next thing they see.
  10. The One Who Can’t Cook
    But will try anyway regardless of their cooking capabilities. Let’s face it, there aren’t very many students out there who can actually whip up a 5-star meal every night, because one, it can get expensive and two, it takes too much effort.
  11. The Prankster
    Beware of this one! They’ll take every opportunity to play a trick on you for their amusement. Word of advice, don’t leave your room unlocked if you’re planning to go away for the weekend, because you don’t know how far the prankster is willing to go for the “perfect” joke.
  12. The Borrower
     This person’s definition of borrowing is not the same as yours. When they ask to “borrow” something, be prepared to never get it back.
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