I like to think I’m quite a productive person when I put my mind to it, but like everyone else I battle with distraction and an innate sense of ‘I’d-rather-be-watching-netflix’ pretty frequently.

I am often praised for my ability to stay organised, productive and to generally get things done. When I thought about why this is, I realised that this is probably down to having a few strategies that keep me going.

So here it is, everything I know when it comes to staying productive:

1. Just start.

It is easy to know what you have to do, but not quite know how to start. The hardest part of doing anything is often simply starting.

Sometimes it pays to hold back and wait for the right moment, but I find that it is always possible to start something, even if it is just a few ideas for now. Once you have begun, tasks look a lot less daunting too.

2. Change your environment.

A change of scene can really help you to refresh your mind and find a new perspective on tasks. Simply moving to a nearby coffee shop or library can help you feel more motivated and, as a result, be more productive.

3. Look after yourself.

If you are not properly rested, fed and watered it can make everything more difficult. You can feel sluggish, sleepy and just generally not in an ideal space for work.

There is a reason that your parents would send you to bed earlier on a school night, so if you have stuff to do – get yourself to bed on time!

4. Take a break.

Taking breaks and productivity may seem like opposing ideas. However, research shows that taking breaks is essential to our health and our minds and will often result in us feeling more productive. Stop and get yourself a coffee, and where possible some fresh air too.

5. Become invisible.

Nowadays we are constantly available to everyone at all times. Our phones are constantly active and people are constantly able to get hold of you. Utilise the ‘do not disturb’ function on your phone, or simply leave it in another room for a little while.

There it is. Five basic steps to productivity. Now I’m going for a coffee break.

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