It’s only when you start University that you realise how capable you are of carrying around double your body weight for five days a week.

My bag has some sort of Mary Poppins endless bottom kind of magic and I find myself having to clear it out at least twice a week; I find more creme egg wrappers in there than I’d care to admit.

But there are some things that I like to keep in there, however annoying they are to carry around every day. Take a look below and see how many you can find in your bag.

Academic Diary/Planner
These things have been like a personal assistant to me over the last two years. I can keep track of all my lectures and know if I have anything to do before or after University. Most diaries have note pages at the back too which comes in handy when you forget your notebook.

Not recommended for use while lectures are taking place, but they are a saving grace when sitting on public transport in rush hour traffic. No more listening to school kids shouting from the back of the bus. YAY!

It sounds obvious to keep a pen in your bag when you’re at Uni, but at least once a week someone will ask to borrow one from you. So I say, don’t just keep one pen, keep a whole pack of pens; because it’s more than likely that the pen you so kindly let someone borrow will never find its way back to you.

USB/Memory Stick
The majority of your University work will be done on computers, and there is nothing worse than not finishing a piece in class and having no way of transporting it back home with you to complete. I’d recommend anything up to a 32GB drive, so you never have to delete old work to fit new pieces on. If you’re doing any sort of media degree, then invest in a hard drive. They are a life saver!

So they are all the things I’ve found useful while being at University. If you can think of any more, feel free to leave a comment telling me and I’ll be more than happy to add them to my ridiculously over sized bag.

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