We’ve been dying to do this for ages! We know the John Lewis and Coca-Cola adverts aren’t haven’t appeared on our screens yet, but now it’s 1st November, we think we can just about get away with it – we’re talking about Christmas!

There’s 53 more sleeps to go until its Christmas Day (not that we’re counting!) So peeps, it’s time to get organised and starting purchasing your pressies!

You may get really excited at the prospect of buying goodies for all the people you know, or it may bore you to tears – either way, we bet you’d like to save yourself some money this Christmas.

With our tips, you’ll be able to buy presents for your family & friends, as well as your boyfriend/girlfriend and maybe have some cash left to treat yourself this Christmas too!

  1. Secret Santa
    Agree to do secret Santa with your flat mates. Instead of having to buy every friend of yours a present, you’ll pick one name out of a hat and only have to purchase a gift for them, rather than buying presents for the whole of your Uni. Plus, this is great fun to do. The presents are always hilarious and it’s always great to see who caves first and tells someone who they’ve got to buy a present for – we give it a week.
  2. Make A Pact 
    Sometimes, it pays to be honest (excuse the pun). If you want to buy friends or family presents this year, but can’t necessarily afford to, it may be worth discussing this with them. Tell them you’re a bit hard up on money at the moment. You can then either agree not to buy each other anything this year, or you can agree to buy something for one another at a different time – you could do something extra special for each other’s birthdays perhaps?
  3. £50 or £1?
    For those people you are definitely buying presents for, it might be worth agreeing a mutual budget with them. This way, you won’t feel embarrassed that they’ve gone all out and spent £50 on you when you’ve only visited Poundland for them. You’ll both know where you stand and if they still want to spend more on you, well… no complaints 😉
    4. It’s All About The List 
    Get organised and do a list. Know exactly who you’re buying for, how much you want to spend on them and maybe jot down an idea of what you want to get them. Decide what your Christmas budget is and divide it up between the people on your list. With a strong shopping list by your side, you’re less likely to get carried away in the shopping isles!
    5. Make The Most Of Those Vouchers 
    Think about what you got for Christmas last year. You may not be able to do it this year, but this is something you can put in to practice for Christmas 2016. Think about it – a standard Xmas gift people get given time and time again is vouchers. Why not spend the vouchers you’re given on buying your Christmas presents for your family and friends? No money lost and they get an awesome gift – everyone’s happy!
    6. Turn Into A Salesman 
    This one’s arguably a bit controversial, but every year we get given gifts we’re not too keen on. Yes, it’s a lovely thought and we’re very grateful, but if they’re just going to sit at the bottom of our wardrobe, is there really any point in keeping them? Why not sell them on eBay or do a carboot sale? The money you make from your sales will help boost your Crimbo budget, woohoo!
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