I didn’t realise how expensive alcohol was until I came to uni. Actually, I didn’t realise how expensive alcohol was until about two weeks ago when I had to put a deposit down for my second year house and realized I was poor, and couldn’t even afford home brand vodka.

It was at that moment that I realised adult responsibilities weren’t for me.

Obviously alcohol isn’t the be all and end all of having an amazing social life at uni, most of the good memories I’ve made so far are probably from sober nights. BUT, it does play a big part when your flatmates are going out and you oh so badly want to too, but have £3 to your name.

And when the bank of mother and father has shut down, run out of funds and gone into liquidation – WHAT DO YOU DO FOR PRINKS?

Get desperate, and get tactical.

Home brand is your best friend. Discounts are your true love. And your flatmates are now business partners.

We’re desperate, we need vodka, we want something proper – but we will have to go for home brand. It will taste like petrol, we will want to vom and we will have to hold our nose. But it will still do the job, and then some. Just drown it out with 14p lemonade and hope for the best.

Look EVERYWHERE for discounts. There’s always something at the tills at the supermarket, always leaflets with deals on. Claim back all of those ‘money off’ vouchers you got for shopping here instead of there. Find your paper bag full of useless leaflets from your freshers fair, there WILL be something.

At the end of the day though, the best way to get around this is so get together with an equally as poor flatmate and scrap any money you have an just prink together. You’d be surprised by how much you can both get together, and probably also find in the back of your fridge hiding from you. If it’s been there since you moved in just grin and bare it.

Desperate times call for desperate measures but also remember you need to be safe, don’t get silly and steal peoples drinks in clubs – and don’t over do it either. It isn’t worth it!

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